Official Car Recyclers For Dacia

Official scrap car recycling partner to Dacia

Dacia is a Romanian car manufacturer, the brand takes its name from the historical region that makes up present-day Romania. The company was established in 1966 and after 33 years in 1999, the Romanian government sold Dacia to the French car manufacturer Groupe Renault. Dacia cars have become a common sight on UK roads in recent years.

Scrap Dacia Recycling

Is your car beyond repair and no longer roadworthy? You're in the right place! CarTakeBack responsibly recycles scrap cars in line with the law. Car makers are responsible for the cars that they make when they are no longer able to be on the roads. CarTakeBack were chosen by Dacia to be their official scrap car recycling partner.

So when your old Dacia Logan, Sandero, Duster or any other Dacia you have is ready to be recycled, choose CarTakeBack and be sure that your scrap car will be recycled in line with the law, by Dacia's official car recyclers.

See How Much Your Car is Worth

No need to worry if your old car isn't a Dacia, we recycle all makes and models of car to the same high standard!

Simply tell us your car registration and postcode and you'll instantly see how much your old car is worth.

Once you know the scrap value of your car, you can choose between having your car collected or dropping it off at your local CarTakeBack branch. Your old car will be recycled in line with the law and all of the important DVLA paperwork will be sorted for you.

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