Approved Scrap Car Recyclers for Land Rover

Official scrap car recycling partner to Land Rover

Land Rover is a British brand of mainly four-wheel drive, off-road vehicles, established in 1948 and now owned by multinational car manufacturer Jaguar Land Rover.

Scrap Land Rover Recycling

The Government introduced laws in 2005, which meant that car makers became responsible for what happens to their makes of car when they’re no longer roadworthy. This law means that car maker Jaguar Land Rover, owners of Land Rover, have to provide their customers, throughout the UK, with an environmentally friendly way to get rid of their car.

Land Rover chose CarTakeBack to be their approved scrap car recycling partner.

UK Technical Services Manager responsible for End of Life Vehicles, Phil Cannell, discussed recycling your scrap car with CarTakeBack:

"I'd certainly encourage all Jaguar and Land Rover owners to trust CarTakeBack to look after them and their car, when it finally comes to making that tough decision."

Responsible Recycling

If the time comes that your Land Rover is beyond repair, whether it's a Discovery or a Range Rover, or any of Land Rover's other models, you can be sure that if you recycle it with CarTakeBack you're making the right decision.

It doesn't matter if your old car isn't a Land Rover, no matter what make of car you have, we'll recycle it in line with the law.

Get a Price for Your Car

Just start by getting an instant price, once you know what your car is worth, you can arrange to get your car collected or deliver it to your local recycling centre. Your car will be recycled to the highest standard and all of the legal paperwork will be taken care of for you.

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5 star CarTakeBack review

"Only one phone call from CarTakeBack was needed to arrange the details to collect the car and arrange for the payment to be made. The driver phoned just after 09:00 to confirm when he would collect the car. He turned up within 10 minutes of when he expected to arrive. Paper work was completed in about 5 minutes, easy as that. Payment was in my bank by the following morning. Pleasant individual people to deal with, simple to sort out. Absolutely no complaints."

- A. Calderwood who recycled their old Land Rover Discovery with CarTakeBack