Perodua Scrap Car Recyclers

Official scrap car recycling partner to Perodua

If you've got an old car that is beyond repair, you can have it recycled responsibly with CarTakeBack. It's easy to see what your old car is worth and arrange for it to be collected, or drop it off at one of our recycling centres across the UK. As the approved scrap car recycling partner to Perodua, we recycle Perodua cars to the highest standard in line with the law. Don't worry if your car isn't a Perodua, we'll recycle any other make of car to the same standard!

Approved Scrap Car Recycling

All car makers are responsible for the cars that they make when they are no longer roadworthy. In line with the law, Perodua have to provide you with somewhere, within easy reach across the UK, to recycle your old car. Perodua chose CarTakeBack as their approved scrap car recycling partner to provide their customers with a responsible way to dispose of their old car.

Whether your old car is a Perodua Kelisa, Alza, Myvi, or any of their other models, choosing CarTakeBack to recycle it is the way to go.

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Recycle Your Old Car

Whatever type of car you own, recycling your old car with us is easy. To start, you'll want to know what your old car is worth. To find out, just tell us your car registration and postcode and instantly, you'll see the value of your car.

After you get a quote, you’ll be able to arrange for your car to be collected, or, you can drop your car off at your local recycling centre. Your car will be recycled in line with the law and the paperwork will be taken care of for you, it's that easy!

5 star CarTakeBack review

"Very easy to use interface made the process very simple to complete."

- Mr Tommy Kielty who recycled his Perodua Kelisa with CarTakeBack