Peugeot Approved Car Recycling

Official scrap car recycling partner to Peugeot

Peugeot have been making cars since 1882! In recent years, they're known for making models like the 308 and the 3008, which both won them the European Car of the Year award. Unfortunately, cars don't last forever, if you're the owner of a Peugeot that's no longer roadworthy, you're in the right place to have it responsibly recycled.

CarTakeBack are the official scrap car recycling partner to Peugeot. Government laws mean that car makers are accountable for what happens to the cars that they make when they aren't suitable to be on the road anymore. All cars have to be disposed of correctly, ensuring that no harm is done to the environment and that 95% of the car is recycled.

Don't worry if your car isn't a Peugeot, we'll recycle any other make of car to the same standard as we do for Peugeot!

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Recycle Your Scrap Car

With CarTakeBack you can arrange for your car to be collected from anywhere in the UK, we'll collect it at a time to suit you, which is perfect if your car is no longer running or has no MOT. If you'd rather, you can drop your car off at your local recycling centre. When you accept your quote, we'll send you directions and opening hours to make it easy. Your car will be recycled to the highest standard in line with the law and the paperwork will be sorted out for you, it's that simple!

5 star CarTakeBack review

"Was such a quick service and turn around! Also provided a certificate and was recommended by DVLA which gave me an extra piece of mind. They gave me a great quote for my car and collected it for free! Would definitely recommend in the future."

- Marsha from London who recycled her Peugeot 206 with CarTakeBack