Scrappage Package for Dealerships

CarTakeBack can support dealerships with their scrappage needs

Scrappage schemes made easy

CarTakeBack’s established Scrappage Package makes it easy for dealerships to dispose of vehicles traded in as part of a scrappage scheme. Our dealer portals take the hassle out of the administration, and our nationwide network of collectors and scrap car recycling centres offer a prompt, reliable service in full compliance with environmental legislation, all whilst delivering excellent value for each scrappage trade-in.

Logging in to the CarTakeBack Dealer Portal

Dealerships can log in to the portal using their username and password. If you would like access to your dealer portal, or need a reminder of your username and password, please contact us.

Best prices for scrap cars

Our scrappage scheme dealer portal is the gateway to our instant scrap car quote system. You’ll see the best prices for scrap cars, depending on the location, the make, model and weight of the car, so you can be assured you’re getting best value. Simply enter the car registration and postcode for where the scrap car should be collected, to get the best deal.

To discuss fixed pricing arrangements, please get in touch.

Get a scrap car recycling account

To register, simply email us at, with the following information:

  • Business name
  • Business address
  • Contact name
  • Contact telephone number
  • Contact email address

We’ll be in touch with your username and password!

The benefits of using CarTakeBack


Free collection

Quick collection from dealerships, or the customer's chosen address

Prompt payment

Get paid by electronic bank transfer, when we receive your invoice

Certificate of Destruction

Certificates are issued within 24 hours and emailed to dealers

Responsible recycling

All cars are recycled in accordance with the government's regulations

About CarTakeBack

CarTakeBack is proud to have been the approved scrap car recycling partner for many vehicle manufacturers since the inception of the End of Life Vehicle regulations by the government in 2005.

We have a successful history of handling vehicle scrappage on behalf of various parties, including the UK government lead scheme from 2009/10, during which our network handled 60% of the vehicles surrendered, and various vehicle manufacturer lead schemes from 2017, which in some cases remain ongoing.

Make scrappage easy

Join dealerships across the UK and get the best price for scrappage cars

Register by emailing us with your details

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