Scrappage Package For Local Authorities

Supporting Your Scrappage Scheme Needs

CarTakeBack provides a scrap car recycling service to the general public and many business customers including vehicle manufacturers, dealerships, police forces, auction houses and local authorities, including supporting CAZ initiatives.

Operating since 2005, CarTakeBack is largest scrap vehicle recycling network in the UK - with over 300 fully licensed and contracted Authorised Treatment Facilities - giving full UK coverage.

If you're looking to introduce a scrappage scheme as part of your Clean Air Zone plans, CarTakeBack has the experience and expertise to support you. With resources, industry knowledge and connections, and a fully licensed vehicle recycling network ready to deliver your scrappage requirements.

CarTakeBack offers:

  • A scrappage scheme service tailored to meet your needs.
  • A dedicated experienced Account Manager.
  • Customer Services Team and Accounts department to provide a single point of contact, payment and regular invoicing.
  • Free vehicle collection and guaranteed destruction and recycling at a contracted Authorised Treatment Facility (ATF).
  • Full audit trail including instantly emailed DVLA Certificate of Destruction.
  • Monthly reports evidencing how many vehicle have been removed from your roads and recycled.
  • Access to deals on new and used compliant vehicles through existing manufacturer contracts and dealership relationships.

Clean Air Zone

Scrappage Scheme Experience

As their Official Scrap Car Recycling Partner, CarTakeBack has supported many vehicle manufacturer lead scrappage schemes. As well as supporting Transport for London with their scrappage schemes.

CarTakeBack supported the 2009/10 UK Government scrappage scheme and successfully processed 60% of all scrap vehicles surrendered under the scheme - facilitating £480m worth of claims by public participants.

Responsible Car Recycling

All End of Life Vehicles are responsibly recycled in line with the government’s 95% recycling target.

If you're not currently planning a scrappage scheme, with a simple link you can still let your residents know how to remove their older polluting cars from the road and legally recycle them with CarTakeBack.

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