Birmingham Scrappage Scheme

Find out about the Birmingham scrappage scheme

Birmingham’s Clean Air Zone Vehicle Scrappage Scheme rewards eligible people living and working in the city’s Clean Air Zone, with the option of scrapping a vehicle that would otherwise be subject to the daily fee. The scheme has three options of incentives available.

Before scrapping your vehicle you should first check the criteria and apply through the Brum Breathes website.

Last updated: 14th March 2024.

What’s available through the Birmingham City Council scrappage scheme?

When the scheme launched in 2021 it offered a choice of car club membership and credit, discount on compliant vehicles and car finance deals. The scheme was extended in March 2024 and now offers people one of three grant options;

  • A £1,000 scrappage grant together with two public transport credits of £1,500 paid into an account. A total grant of £4,000.
  • A £1,600 scrappage grant together with £1,500 in public transport credit paid into an account. A total grant of £3,100.
  • A scrappage-only grant of £2,000.

Are you eligible for the Birmingham City Council scrappage scheme?

Your vehicle must be non-compliant with Birmingham’s Clean Air Zone. You can check by using the GOV.UK Vehicle Checker. Evidence will be required to prove identity and vehicle ownership.

There are also different criteria depending on whether you are a resident within the Clean Air Zone, or you are a worker within it.

For full details as to whether you are eligible check the Brum Breathes site >

When does the Birmingham scrappage scheme end?

The Clean Air Zone Vehicle Scrappage Scheme is ongoing until the available funding has been claimed.

Which scrappage schemes are available? Compare current car scrappage schemes >

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