Scrap Your Vehicle - TfL Scrappage Schemes

Supporting the Tfl scrappage scheme

Looking to scrap your vehicle as part of one of the Transport for London ULEZ scrappage schemes? CarTakeBack make it easy to scrap vehicles that are approved for the TfL scrappage schemes.

CarTakeBack are the UK's largest scrap vehicle recycling network with 300 branches across the country. CarTakeBack have full Authorised Treatment Facility coverage in and around the London area, fully licensed to scrap and recycle old vehicles efficiently and responsibly in line with the law.

Simply make sure you use the correct link below depending on the scheme you're participating in and the type of vehicle you have and we'll make sure you receive the correct paperwork to complete your scrappage claim.

Before scrapping your vehicle you should first check the criteria and apply through the TfL website, await confirmation that you're eligible for the scheme, then you can scrap your vehicle

Car scrappage  

ULEZ car and motorcycle scrappage scheme

To scrap your car, you'll need your registration and postcode.
Recycle your car to get a DVLA Certificate of Destruction.

To find out more about the scrappage scheme visit the TfL website.

Motorbike scrappage  

ULEZ car and motorcycle scrappage scheme

To scrap your motorbike, you'll need your registration and postcode. 
Recycle your motorcycle to get a Notification of Destruction.

To find out more about the scrappage scheme visit the TfL website.

Van scrappage

ULEZ van and minibus scrappage scheme

To scrap your van or minibus, you'll need your registration and postcode.
Recycle your van with CarTakeBack.

To find out more about the scrappage scheme for micro businesses, sole traders and charities visit the TfL website

Ultra Low Emission Zone

London's ULEZ is set for significant expansion from 29th August 2023. Covering all London boroughs that were previously part of the LEZ, thousands of drivers will be affected.

The Mayor of London has announced a new £110m scrappage scheme to support eligible Londoners affected by the ULEZ expansion. This financial assistance will help many car owners, but we urge people to get their applications in early to secure the funding, or make alternative arrangements while they have time to prepare.

ULEZ Expansion

The expanded ULEZ will include Enfield, Redbridge, Havering, Barking & Dagenham, Bexley, Bromley, Croydon, Sutton, Merton, Wandsworth, Kingston Upon Thames, Richmond Upon Thames, Hounslow, Ealing, Hillingdon, Harrow, Brent and Barnet.

Charges and Penalties

If your vehicle does not meet the emissions standards, you could face a daily charge of £12.50. To see if your vehicle meets the ULEZ emission standards use TfL's vehicle checker.

ULEZ penalty charges have increased from £160 to £180 (reduced by 50% if paid within 14 days). You can check if you are exempt on the TfL discounts and exemptions page.

New Scrappage Scheme Funding

The new £110m scrappage scheme will provide grant payments to scrap or retrofit vehicles that do not meet the emissions standards, so they can switch to cleaner, greener modes of transport. Eligible applicants can choose to receive a payment to scrap their vehicle, or a lower payment plus one or two TfL Annual Bus & Tram passes, which is worth more than the payment alone.

Only eligible applicants with vehicles that do not meet the ULEZ emissions standard will qualify for support, including Londoners on certain low income or disability benefits, eligible micro businesses (up to 10 employees), sole traders and charities with a registered address in London.

TfL offer a full list of eligible applicants on their website.

Not eligible but want to scrap your old car or van?

If you are not eligible for the official scrappage scheme, but your car's emissions do not meet the required standards and you will be left facing daily charges or penalties, we can help you. CarTakeBack has car recycling centres throughout London that can collect your vehicle, for free, from any accessible location convenient to you.

Our London branches, which are all Authorised Treatment Facilities, have scrapped thousands of vehicles as part of various scrappage schemes over the years; offering the public a hassle-free way to get old cars off the road.

Not only will we ensure that you get the best price for your old car (and average scrap prices are currently bolstered by a healthy scrap metal market), but your vehicle is also recycled responsibly - protecting the environment and avoiding additional air pollution that the ULEZ scheme has been created to tackle!

There are also additional discounts and offers available to support people in their transition to greener forms of transport. TfL has a range of deals from car clubs, e-bikes and scooters, car rental, public transport discounts and other offers listed on their website.

Why is the ULEZ expanding?

The expansion of the ULEZ is intended to tackle the poor air quality, which is still impacting the health of Londoners, despite all the work done so far to reduce emissions across the capital. Emissions are mainly caused by polluting vehicles and while there have been significant improvements, the London Atmospheric Emissions Inventory has reported that road transport is still the single biggest contributor of nitrogen dioxide and particulate matter emissions in Greater London. Air pollution contributes to the premature death of thousands of Londoners every year, as well as having a significant impact on cancer, asthma, lung disease and the risk of dementia. The greatest number of deaths related to air pollution actually occur in outer London areas, hence the ULEZ's 2023 expansion across all London boroughs.

If your vehicle doesn't meet the ULEZ emissions standards and you're thinking of getting rid of it, you can get an instant quote to recycle it here.