CarTakeBack and Scrappage Schemes

All about how CarTakeBack are the experts in proving scrappage scheme support

CarTakeBack has worked on various scrappage schemes. Including successfully facilitating its own scheme in partnership with public transport and car sharing companies. CarTakeBack also works with vehicle manufacturers and dealerships on their own scrappage schemes. With more localised focus on emissions, scrappage schemes are being launched and trialled in various areas across the UK, CarTakeBack work with TfL on their Ultra Low Emission Zone targeted car and van scrappage schemes.

How a scrappage scheme works

Scrappage schemes usually have criteria to ensure that only eligible vehicles are being scrapped through the scheme. Your eligibility usually depends on, how long you’ve owned the car for and the age of the car, sometimes factors such as fuel type and your location can be a factor too.

Once you’re eligible you’ll apply and choose your offer, then your old car will be recycled. Often in scrappage schemes, a DVLA Certificate of Destruction is used as proof that the vehicle has been recycled and is eligible for the reward being offered through the scheme.

The Government scrappage scheme

CarTakeBack’s nationwide service became a vital part of an alliance of car makers, car dealerships, recyclers and Government as it handled cars offered up under the Government’s car scrappage scheme. By the end of the scrappage scheme in 2010, the CarTakeBack network had successfully processed 240,000 of the 400,000 vehicles disposed of in total.

Not a single Certificate of Destruction processed through CarTakeBack’s bespoke system (FADS) went astray, this ensured that car dealerships were able to claim the £2,000 per vehicle subsidy from the Government and vehicle manufacturers without fail.

Car maker scrappage schemes

We’ve recycled vehicles for various car maker lead schemes including, Citroen, Ford, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Renault, and many others.

Find out about current scrappage schemes in the CarTakeBack Scrappage Scheme Comparison >

If you’re a business looking to launch a scrappage scheme and want to work with us to take care of the responsible recycling of vehicles.

Find out how we can work with you >


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